7-Steps Formula to a Dazzling Job Description (with Examples!)

It all starts with the job description. And first impression matters.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how to write a Dazzling Job Description. So, in 2021 your job description MUST include:

  1. A humane company overview. The first rule here: keep in mind your target user — your candidate. The overview should not sound like a pitch for a potential investor, but rather how you’d tell your friend about the company you enjoy working at. Yet, make sure they get a gist of the product and your mission. Don’t forget to talk about your culture.

It is important:

Think of the UX of your JD. Make sure the content is readable and well-structured. Avoid long blocks of text. Write short, concise sentences. Make sure the job description takes on the voice and tone of the company’s brand.



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