The work of the Design Recruiter is about getting to know designers, engaging with them, and evaluating the quality of work they are doing. By far the portfolio review is the best means to get a grasp of the candidate’s experience and skills.

A portfolio goes far beyond an online archive of your past projects. We need to see the depth and breadth of your understanding and practice of design, and what’s really important — what makes you stand out.

1. Think about us as users of the portfolio

Too often, designers don’t think about their portfolio as the solution…

The recruitment process always starts with a short call with the recruiter. As someone looking to hire a UX Designer, you should already know that hiring for UX doesn’t have too much in common with general tech staffing. If you are just starting to work with Design roles recruitment screens might be confusing.

Let’s discuss how an ideal recruitment screen for UX looks like, and what questions you should ask your next design candidate.

Where to start?

The purpose of the initial recruitment screen is to roughly understand if the candidate meets the job requirements, and give the candidate as much insight into…

Have you ever thought about partnering with an external recruitment agency?

Let me guess — you’ve heard some horror stories about them, or perhaps even experienced a bad agency yourself. Or you think they charge too much?

That’s what I’ve heard too! But let me dispel these rumors.

Here're six reasons why working with a (good) external recruitment agency will benefit your business:

1. They will save your time

Recruitment agencies save your business time because they take care of the initial steps in the hiring process. No more sifting through LinkedIn search results, a recruitment agency will ensure that the time you spend in the application process is spent wisely on viewing those worth considering.

Agencies take up the most…

Kristina Holysheva

Founder at the boutique design recruitment agency

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