Six Reasons Why You Should Use a (Good) Recruitment Agency

Have you ever thought about partnering with an external recruitment agency?

Let me guess — you’ve heard some horror stories about them, or perhaps even experienced a bad agency yourself. Or you think they charge too much?

That’s what I’ve heard too! But let me dispel these rumors.

Here're six reasons why working with a (good) external recruitment agency will benefit your business:

1. They will save your time

Recruitment agencies save your business time because they take care of the initial steps in the hiring process. No more sifting through LinkedIn search results, a recruitment agency will ensure that the time you spend in the application process is spent wisely on viewing those worth considering.

Agencies take up the most time-consuming part of the hiring process: sourcing, screening CVs and portfolios, candidate communications, follow-ups, initial interviews, salary negotiations, and all the administrative issues.

It gives your in-house recruiters time to deal with more important, strategic things.

2. They know the industry

Recruiting agencies are more exposed to available talents, where they are, and how to reach out to them. As well as salary ranges, career outlooks, and recruitment related updates. It is a recruiter’s job to keep up to date with the latest news and developments in the industry they’re recruiting for.

This is where niche, boutique agencies excel (it’s pretty impossible to keep up-to-date with every nuance of the whole market).

Such insight will let them guide you through the entire process, advising you of any changes that might benefit your current recruitment practices.

3. They will bring in new ideas

How many companies did you and your recruiters have a chance to hunt for? Do you know how your peer companies source, screen, and hire? Have you ever wondered how staffing is approached by the top-tier companies?

It’s really hard to evolve and introduce process improvements if the only way to learn is from your company’s experience. It takes time.

On the contrary, agency recruiters are always exposed to different types of clients, teams, and hiring issues, so they can give you insight, hands-on advice, and guidance on how to improve or optimize your staffing process.

Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to see the solution.

4. They help increase diversity

Agency recruiters are exposed to a larger candidate network, their talent pool definitely differs from the one you’ve been building since the early rise of the company. Recruiting candidates from a distinct talent pool, by default, enhances diversity.

What is more, partnering with an external staffing agency means you create a collaborative recruitment process. Your in-house recruiter (or hiring manager) works with someone outside your organization. Now every hiring decision becomes a newly formed team’s effort that helps you avoid recruitment bias.

5. They focus on delivery

I’ll be brief here. Since most recruitment agencies charge you only for successful placements, they are at least as concerned about the outcome as you are.

6. Less (to no) risk for your business

Recruitment agencies get paid when you hire one of the candidates that they referred to you. It won’t cost you anything to start receiving potential candidates.

If the successful candidate leaves within a certain amount of time then they’ll either replace them (for free) or give you some of your money back — depending on the terms.

I hardly see any risk for the client, and definitely no reason not to try.

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